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I've been very, very fortunate. For years I've received (and saved) written testimonials from people I've worked for and worked with--some of them long-term, some of them short-term, some in person, some online. This page shows actual excerpts from some of those nice notes, cards, and letters.


NOTE--In all tutoring and teaching situations, I try to implement the philosophy of Horace, the great poet of Rome's Augustan Age:
"Amuse the reader at the same time that you instruct him."

In those sessions when joy intersects instruction, spirits, ideas, and words fly. See proof in the quoted text below ...

"I am delighted to document Chris' outstanding two-hour presentation to 200 of our students. The presentation was exciting, fun, and a genuine learning experience for all of us. ... At least 20 students stayed afterwards through their lunch hours to talk to him and gain more insight. He truly is a talented and dedicated writer and educator."
      Principal, San Lorenzo Valley High School, California

"Chris first came into contact with our school as a guest lecturer making popular presentations on writing and literature to our upper-school students. We then hired him to write our employee handbook, our parent handbook, and an emergency-preparedness manual. He deftly accomplished all of this writing--and more--quickly, cheerfully, and with impeccable results. Chris even found time to make volunteer presentations to classes, he established our school newspaper and taught Journalism classes, and he tutored virtually every student here in writing."
      Head of School, Dunham Academy, a private K-8 school in Marin County

"When he makes presentations, he doesn't just talk the talk and walk the walk--he chalks the chalk, creating diagrams and symbols on the board to illustrate his lively discussions."
      Teacher, Mill Valley Middle School, Marin County

"Working alone, Chris directed our after-school program and immediately established an impressive student-written newspaper. Published twice a month, the full-color paper, complete with photos, charts, and cartoons, was popular throughout the school. Chris also spent an hour every day assisting all students with all homework in all subjects."
      Recreation Department Coordinator in Marin County

"Chris is always prepared, and he motivates students effectively. He has high expectations for the students he teaches and tutors, yet he remains very popular with them. He did an outstanding job as the advisor to our school newspaper and as an active participant in other school activities."
      Principal, Culver City High School, California

"Chris was responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of content on our company's Web site. He generated hundreds of pages of accurate text that both informed and entertained end-users of our products. He can be counted on to meet all deadlines and contribute in any way he can."
      Vice-President of a San Rafael publishing company

"He clearly conveys to students his passion for reading and writing. He works tirelessly, he cares for every student, and he helps each one learn to his or her utmost potential. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning about writing or improving their ability to write."
      Principal of Davidson Middle School, Marin County

"Chris used his writing skills to develop and present writing workshops for our upper-school students. They became better writers as a result of his work with them."
      Head of School at Dunham Academy, a private K-8 school in Marin County

"As my 14-year-old daughter's tutor, Chris' responsiveness to my inquiries and helpfulness in assisting her were exemplary. I've never met a teacher/tutor who responded to parents as quickly and reliably as he did. He truly cares about students and their academic success."
      Christa K., parent, San Rafael

"He makes English fun (and half of teaching is getting kids excited about education). My son made great improvements in writing and reading comprehension."
      Barbara D., parent, San Rafael

"Chris had tutored my own daughter successfully, so I asked him to work online with my English 1A students. He is reliable, detail-oriented, organized, and extremely good-natured. He has a keen rapport with children and adults alike, making him extremely qualified to work with anyone from elementary school to college-level and beyond."
      Professor, Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo County

"When Chris proofread my arbitration and mediation briefs, he didn't just make corrections--he explained the errors so I could clearly understand them.  He also helped me put a unique spin on what were otherwise pretty dry legal documents."
      Matt B., attorney, Mill Valley, California


"The first thing a writer should be is excited. ... If you are writing without zest, without gusto, without love, without fun, you are only half a writer."
Ray Bradbury




"There are no dull subjects. There are only dull writers."
H.L. Mencken




"Writing is like baking a cake for the people I love."
Belva Plain




"I write books to find out about things."
Rebecca West




"A good writer always works at the impossible."
John Steinbeck




"The reason one writes isn't the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say."
F. Scott Fitzgerald




"Keep going. ... If you're a real writer, you'll write no matter what."
Irwin Shaw